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Marine and Offshore Logistic Support Services

Mustang Offshore acts as a commercial manager for a few selected third party owners of Offshore Support Vessels different from the Mustang Fleet types, or in different geographical areas ranging from the Western Fields, South Niger Delta.

Third party owners benefit from the commercial network of Mustang Offshore. Due to excellent and long lasting relationships with its clients, Mustang Offshore is able to stay abreast of their activities and assist with their planning for Offshore Support Vessels.

Once the fixtures are completed, our multi-cultural experienced commercial team is able to amicably resolve contractual and payment issues acting as owner on behalf of the owner.

In summary, Mustang Offshore Group, established in 2008, owns, manages and operates a large fleet of Offshore Supply Vessels that service the Oil and Gas industry in the Nigeria and the Gulf
of Guinea.

We offer a broad scope of services for Offshore Supply Vessels, ranging from Vessel Chartering to Cross-Chartering and Vessel Management
Before taking third party vessels on charter, Mustang Offshore ensures compatibility of third party systems with its own management system and client requirements. At the start of the year 2012 Mustang Offshore had five specialist vessels on long term charter, and several on spot.